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About Miguel Angel

My awakening began in 2013. Since then, I have helped thousands of people just like you to align with new frequencies and begin their transformation into their ideal selves. I work through love, light, and the shadow.
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About Miguel Angel

My awakening began in 2013. Since then, I have helped thousands of people just like you to align with new frequencies and begin their transformation into their ideal selves. I work through love, light, and the shadow.
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My Journey

Life has taught me very much, I truly believe the real mentors and healers are the one who go through the worst scenarios possible in this and many lifetimes. We come to understand what life truly is when we experience death and rebirth. My inner teachings have helped me use all my creative powers to heal myself and be able to help others. I unlocked my creative gifts from other lives to overcome deep crises of inner transformation, my soul continuously craves death and rebirth.

My creative gifts have a profound healing effect. Whenever I help others I heal major parts of myself that were lost for centuries in the time of my soul's purpose. I learned to let go of the fears and insecurities of other lives, as I had a deep fear of making mistakes and failing. The journey is already long and the learning was not always easy. My soul has a karmic memory for the hard learning of the long journey. Each time I let go, I learn to let go of the karmic baggage of the past.

I unlocked gifts that I didn't know and was reborn again and again in my deep inner crises. My aura is magnetic to my awareness and I attract many individuals from my past life to bring me karmic lessons and remind me that the power is within me and I'm responsible for all the choices I make. The more I awake, the more my heart awakens too, I am the wounded healer, I find deep inner alchemy through self-love for is not always easy lessons that others bring me in their luggage.

I am the fire within. The I, the pure flame of my being. It is the power of my Yang, the male principle of the warrior archetype. It is the sacred fire that warms, heals and lightens my inner wounds, and when I help others to heal, I have an opportunity to heal myself. I value my feelings, emotions and intuition to help me develop my gifted abilities. I work more on sensitivity. I learned to go beyond my earthly body and identity and interact with others on a deeper level.

I allow myself to feel all emotions without running away from them. Stripping away the traditions of the past, they learn to question what doesn't make sense. For this I must learn to feel and value all states of mind as opportunities for transformation. I allow myself to recognize and follow my passions. All my manifestations lie in front of me. I will never assume that quiet is weak and loud is strong. I will live in my heart, act from the heart, let my heart softly guide me to my natural wholeness and my inherent completeness.

I cultivate the warmth and the softness that is just there in my chest and listen to it, let it guide me, give it a voice and protect that space in my heart that is just simply there. I let fear and unworthiness dissolve in that space, breathe, just be and just simply live. I Demonstrate my ability to channel the Divine (inspirations, ideas, intentions and energy) into something useful and worthwhile by grounding it into reality. I manifest from the heart the perfect creation that is inside of me.

The Energy Work Process

I help people from all over the world attract the life they want with extremely powerful energy techniques. Whether you’re a Yoga Teacher, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Psychic, Special Needs Teacher, Kundalini Teacher, Card Reader, Coach, Energy Worker, Healer, Priestess, Hotel Owner, Mystic – my work and purpose at it’s deepest core is all about supporting you in being and doing what you came here to do.

Together we uncover the underlying core cause of your pain and struggle — the precise energetic blockages. Then, working with my Spiritual Team, who works with your High Self and your Soul, we quickly and permanently release them from your energy system and replace them with empowering, positive, life-affirming beliefs. Once released, you will be able to move forward in your life, and attract the people and experiences you desire.

Coaching Program

When you coach with me one-on-one, I can tap into my intuition and ask you key questions that uncover the root cause of your pain and struggles. Once the root cause has been identified, the energetic blockage can be permanently cleared. In our sacred sessions, together we work on you reclaiming your strength, reclaiming your vision, building a strong and solid foundation that you can stand upon and build from for many years to come and express your soul‘s purpose in this world.

During our time together I will share with you the powerful practices that have served my clients presently and in the past to help you build powerful programs, expand your knowledge and spiritual gifts within, express your truth, align your higher self and energy fields in a way to truly serve you, trust your inner knowing and apply inspired action to accomplish what that beckoning call within is calling you to do and be. With my powerful metaphysical experienced support you will create a strong foundation for the expression of your soul‘s purpose bringing you with it a deeper sense of peace, bliss and fulfillment than you had ever experienced before..