Detachment And The 1 Secret for Finding Fulfillment Within

Detachment And The 1 Secret for Finding Fulfillment Within

Emotions and Attachment

Timing in your life can be felt like an earthquake and you can feel insecure about most aspects of your life, home, destination, love, career etc. the truth is all that is happening in natural course of your life. It is a capital of importance to happen the way it is, it can bring negative feelings from all these aspects. "Negative" feelings is good at times like these because you come to a point when you let go, this way you understand there are things you cannot control and you see things with detachment as if it is happening to someone else. Accepting things the way they are will help you reshape yourself, it will help you reborn out of your own ashes as a stronger YOU, more open to the new experiences of life.

Detachment and Evolution

Being detached means watching things happening into your life as if they happen to someone else, not to you. The feeling you live is one of loosing everything, including yourself. But imagine a seed turning into a flower, the seed cannot imagine how beautiful a flower it could become, still it accepts the challenge of growing. She does not know why she needs to do that but she is doing it, Now imagine yourself as being that seed turning into the flower, now you are asked to have the attitude of the flower who chooses to be brave and accept the challenge of growing. Do the same.. If you accept the challenge you discover your true nature, your true self, you get rid of other people conditioning, societies conditioning etc. You assume responsibility for who you really are and you start living according to your inner truth. The person who knows its own self is enlightened and you cannot be put in chains of society anymore, you cannot be restricted again once you know the truth. It does not matter for you whether you are important to others or not, what really matters is to be YOU no matter what. So relax.. once you understand that happiness comes from within, peace, love, etc, you miss nothing.

From Searching to Finding

You need to learn how to share what you already have meaning, love, peace, compassion, gratitude, abundance etc. You already have them all, you just need to accept them all having them already. I will tell you in other words. Think of this: people think they will be happy when they find the one and have a relation etc. But this is all wrong.. nobody can make anybody happy. Happiness is something we already have, love, and abundance too. Love is about giving, receiving, sharing what we already have... You imagine being with someone (someone loving you) is making you happy... wrong.. Why? Because nobody can make anybody happy.

The Biggest Secret

That is why relations cannot last because sooner or later the partners discover (after a while) they do not feel the same love as at the beginning. Why is that? Because it was never there, because they dressed the partner with all their expectations of what love could bring into their life and at some point they realize what they expect is not happening. What comes next? they start blaming the partner for not loving them. The problem is they entered the relationship in a wrong way. They should of had the love within before being in the relationship and in this case, all they had to do was to share it, no matter if if was returned or not. And if the partner did not share back, they did not feel like being hurt or lied or betrayed when it ended. Why? Because you cannot loose something you have inside of you. Imagine a teacher: the teacher is sharing his knowledge but does not loose it when sharing it with others.


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