Why We Judge Others and What We Can Do Instead

Why We Judge Others and What We Can Do Instead

How to Approach Judgement

Let's talk about judgement. We are often told, as children, not to judge. As we grow, the stress of life slowly creeps in and influences us to build resentment against others. We begin to view the world materialistically, and become concerned about resources. We begin to believe that, if we put down others, we may receive something of value in return. As a result, we begin to fear others, because we believe that they will do the same to us. So, we come up with reasons to judge them in hopes that like-minded individuals will join our side.

Instead, we must consider the possibility that we could be just like them if we were given their circumstances. We do not always know what others feel, or why they act certain ways. Do you not sometimes feel misunderstood? Do you not sometimes feel regret for your actions? We are all on this pale blue dot in the cosmos together. We must focus on our similarities, and accept our differences.

This does not mean we should allow people to hurt us. Enforce your boundaries, and encourage others to. Withholding judgement simply means that we do our best to add compassion and love to this world. When others treat you poorly, they know that they are doing so, and often feel great regret for it. They are trapped in a mental prison, at the bottom of a seemingly endless trench. If you can find the power and love within yourself to calmly separate yourself, and walk away, you will do good for yourself, and you will lift them one inch closer to freedom.

The Impact of Practicing Kindness Instead

When you choose to be kind to someone, you are being kind to yourself and to all of humanity. Our similarities are more powerful than our differences, and make up the majority of our being. By judging others, you judge yourself. By judging others, you are saying that your own being would not be deserving of respect or love if you had walked a different path in life.

Show the other that you are of no harm, that you come to them with good intentions. The world is trapped in conflict because we judge others, we fear that they may take from us. Withholding judgement is hard, as it requires you to be the "bigger person". But, the effects are profound. By taking a step back, and choosing to love all, you show others that the world is not as frightening as they believe, and you help them relinquish their own judgement.

The less we judge others, the more free we become.

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