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Travel deep within yourself to begin your transformation into your ultimate higher self.
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21 hours
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I am truly thankful and grateful to have had Miguel put into my life path. He's been such a blessing and the most amazing mentor a person can ask for. His energy work is truly a gift to us all. He teaches that we as individuals have to do whatever work needs to be done within.
Stephanie Redearth
I've been around this all my life and just curious to see how good Miguel was I asked a question. He was on point towards everything. We connected within seconds. He doesn't sugar coat anything and gets straight to the point. He has amazing energy! Love him.
Mayra A. Meraz
His voice captivates an audience! I feel his vibrations thru his voice and have felt that I’ve known him long ago. His messages are direct and to the heart which spreads a lot of Light, Love and Compassion! Thank you for your healing sessions.
Vikki Kendrick
His heart is golden. His energy is pure. and he comes from a beautiful place of love, help and healing at number ONE priority. I resonate with him, and I send out lots of love and uplifting support to his journey. The work he is doing is just beautiful to me.
Rhiannon Elloit
Yes, I highly recommend Miguel Angel! When I found him I was lost. I was living a life full of lies being abused, crushed, lied to, betrayed, beaten, and not feeling worthy. I'm feeling at complete peace for the very first time in my entire life!
Molly M.
I was instantly drawn to the inner light of his being. Miguel is one of the most powerful lightworkers & gifted healers I have had the pleasure of working with on my path thus far. I came to understand myself better as well & it became clear to me what was needed to heal.
Chloe Dhruba
What a kind soul this man is, his energy is so soothing, Miguel has helped me in so many ways in which I am forever thankful. He is an amazing healer & lightworker who works with the light of God. Thank you for helping us see that we too are powerful healers.
Sheri Sanford
When I was guided to Miguel Angel I was broken into pieces. I didn't know who I was or where I belonged. I asked God for help and guidance and was placed in his care. God knew I needed a loving gentle heart to help me find me. Now, my heart is happy and very much at peace.
Marie Jackie Machaelis
I highly recommend Miguel to anyone and everyone. I’ve been with him since day one. He has helped me on my spiritual path. If you're in need of some spiritual uplifting to balance your soul, Miguel is the one who you should contact. Couldn’t ask for a better mentor, teacher and friend.
Linda Jansse
I highly recommend Miguel’s sessions to anyone interested in spiritual growth. Miguel is an Angel sent to deliver messages and and help  us grow spiritually. If you are reading this right now then you too have been directed towards Miguel’s healing and teachings! He is the REAL DEAL!
Kit Labossiere
Miguel really helped me get started on my path as a healer. I received activations from him that really helped me connect with myself and expand my inner awareness. I highly recommend Miguel for helping me transmute old programming in my field of consciousness.
Kayla Chavez
I just love Miguel’s astrology work. My life has changed so much with the advice and guidance Miguel has given me. He is very intuitive and humble. He has worked with a lot of friends and family, and is the best teacher that I have had to this day.
Wendy Ferguson
Amazing services. So thankful to have discovered Miguel and his community. I am now able to process life events in the most positive, productive ways. I am living in alignment and living out my souls purpose. Thank you Miguel 5/5 stars!!!
Lynsey Parent
I am so grateful to have worked with Miguel. His energy is so calming and comforting. His willingness to share his knowledge and gifts are truly a blessing to us all.
Anite LaRose

Your Ultimate Transformation

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Advanced Astrology

Bring meaning to your past, and learn how to manifest your potential futures.
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Prayer Invocation

Clear limited beliefs from the subconscious mind with prayer and affirmations.
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Eliminate unwanted energies that are attached to your energy field.
Experience this magical journey and expand your consciousness, raise your vibration, and begin to automatically align with your higher purpose and attract solutions to life's challenges.
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Included Sessions


Schedule your 1 hour consultation session when you purchase your 24 hours. During this session, we will discuss in detail how your hours will be scheduled for your Package with full details and preparation procedures.


Karma Ancestry healing work is about releasing all the hurts and wounds from many lifetimes. We may have incarnated into a family for certain lessons and experiences they provide. They may pass down traits, negativity, traumas and shortcomings to us and other family members from generation to generation. I am an expert in removing energies through prayer invocation. This process is for anyone who is open and ready to receive from higher-self calling.


Sexuality itself is a sacred life force and the conceiving power in the universe. When we allow it to flow freely, it elicits deep feelings of longing, desire and passion, and in the blissful unifying act produces immense healing for our bodies and souls. A key part of healing love is to create spaces where we can fully accept our sexual nature and freely express it in mutual respect. Sexuality grounded in love, and commitment and openness to growth can deepen and strengthen the connection between two people and intensify their sense of intimacy and oneness. When we open our inner world to our partner and allow the power of our energy to flow through us, we naturally open our hearts.


Receive energy and information from the stars to heal, transform and manifest. Increase your abundance vibration. Strengthen your connection with the stars.


My readings are delivered in the way that you best receive them. You will receive solid strategies and tips about how to move forward in your life. I will be guided to alternate between intuitive coaching and gathering further information from my cards.


This can help you heal wounds caused by past relationships, negative belief patterns, trauma, vows, agreements, contracts, promises, and oaths. This service nullifies karmic relationship agreements that no longer serve you - whether they were made as a man or a woman, or were made subconsciously. This clearing may also remove negative energies or entity attachments. A karmic relationship means that these souls have met before, in previous incarnations, often in many past incarnations. When we talk about relationships, we not only cover romantic or family relationships, we also include friendships and business relationships. However, the tremendous challenges that can come with karmic relationships are most of the time focused on romantic relationships. They stem from past life relationships who could be draining your energy, influencing you in the wrong ways or preventing you from moving forward.


Let’s meet again to give you any extra guidance that you need after your healing process.


As we journey together with long term commitment, I’m there for you. Between our sessions you are welcome to reach out to me to keep your energy center and balance.



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